Lego Space Ships

Here is the first ship I've built in many years. It called Blue Ship One (BS1)...

This is the perfect commuter ship: it is fast (capable of reaching some seriously improbable speeds), yet very maneuverable (ideal for the city); its engines can be folded up for parking tight spots. When cruising at low speeds its canopy can be opened, for a great wind in your face feel. Please note that the on board computer will only allow the canopy to open if the outside atmosphere is present and breathable and if the pilot asks politely.

For somewhat easy access, the entire body can be lifted up. Of course, in most cases, the user will just use the on board transporter to beam herself in and out of the BS1.

Enough chatting, here are a bunch of pictures and one animation(1.7MB in size):

Construction notes:

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