Ride-on scale trains

These pages chronicle the construction of my ride-on scale layout. When completed, it will feature a main loop around my house and one passing track. The main loop will be dual-gauged at four and three quarter inch and three and one half inch. The siding will be four and three quarter only. The layout and its suroundings are meant to be one eighth scale (also called one and a half inch scale) but any engine and rolling stock that can physicaly fit on the track is welcomed to run. The main track is close to three foot gauge with the third rail providing something close to two foot gauge. The main reason for using dual gauge is that my friend Eric owns an OS Krauss that runs on three and a half inch gauge.

Although I haven't decided for sure yet, I'm thinking of calling this railroad the Columbia Circle Line. The name comes from the fact that my house is on Columbia St.

The following pages are available (with more added soon):